What is it?

pody is actually a set of two command line tools.

The first one, evolution2ipod, exports all your Evolution 2.0 contacts to your iPod.

The second one, rhythmbox2ipod synchronizes the content of your Rhythmbox 0.8 library (both songs and playlists) to your iPod. It's doing a real one way synchronization, which means that each time you run this program, only the songs that have been added to/removed from Rhythmbox since the last time you ran it rhythmbox2ipod will be added to/removed from your iPod.,

WARNING: rhythmbox2ipod will remove the songs which are not present in your Rhythmbox library from your iPod. This is especially important the first time you run rhythmbox2ipod if you have some songs on your iPod which are not in Rhythmbox library that you want to keep.

Where to get it?


pody is available from the following Arch repository:

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