iPod detection functions

iPod detection functions — Find out iPod mount points.


#include <libitunesdb/ipoddb.h>

gboolean    ipod_is_ipod_mounted_at         (const gchar *local_uri);
GList*      ipod_enumerate                  (void);


Before being able to manipulate the content of an iPod, you need to know where it is/they are mounted, and to select a specific one to use. These functions help you in doing that using Gnome-VFS and (optionnally) HAL.


ipod_is_ipod_mounted_at ()

gboolean    ipod_is_ipod_mounted_at         (const gchar *local_uri);

ipod_is_ipod_mounted_at() checks if local_uri corresponds to the mount point for an iPod. It either uses HAL or checks for the existence of iPod_Control/iTunes depending on compile-time options.

local_uri : URI to a local directory.
Returns : TRUE if an iPod could be detected, FALSE if there is no iPod.

ipod_enumerate ()

GList*      ipod_enumerate                  (void);

ipod_enumerate() will enumerate all the mount points where an iPod is mounted. The detection is done either by using HAL, or by looking for the presence of iPod_Control/iTunes (it depends on compile-time options).

Returns : a newly allocated GList of gchar*. Each string corresponds to the absolute path to a mounted iPod. The caller must free the list and the strings.